Mufasa Video and Photography
Who We Are?

Our Mission

We want you to be successful.

We create the video and photography media for your success.


It has been too long since I have updated this website. We used to be on the first page of Google. Now I can’t find my website!

We’ve been so busy making videos for our loyal repeat clients that we’ve neglected ourselves.

In 2021 we’ve worked with 90 Seconds for brands like Amazon Web Services and IBM.

And with Mediashock in Singapore  for brands like Google Cloud and HP Computers.

We must not forget our loyal local customers this year who include Fitthai, KeenBiz and AES (Asian Exhibition Services). 

If we were to list all our clients it would be a very long list and include:

DHL, FedEx, Samsung, Insee, BeIN Sports, Airports of Thailand, UniThai and many more!

Our Core Values

Are you happy with your video and photography media? What kind of success are your getting? How do you measure success?

Any investment in video and photography media needs to fulfill your objectives. A common mistake by a lot of our competitors is to produce boring exposition videos that do not resonate with the target audience.

This is a boring but very useful secret I am about to share with you.

What’s the difference between you buying your own inexpensive camera gear and making your own videos compared to hiring a video production company or photographer like Mufasa Co., Ltd.?

It has little to do with the camera gear, although expensive quality gear will significantly improve the technical standard. The secret is that it is about the content and the “story”.

How can you create stories around a brand?

What is your brand about? What’s the “why” behind your brand? What’s the purpose of your business, organization, service, etc? Can you define why you do what you do and why you are unique from all your competitors?

Finding the “Why” is an important first step. We can then build stories around your brand and the “Why”.

Using the example of a luxury hotel, why do customers choose a particular hotel and not another? Let’s assume both share similar locations and convenience, luxury pool, white sand private beach front, fantastic rooms, great service… what’s the differentiation? Perhaps it is a theme, such as family or couples. And when we start to focus on these important “Why’s” we can build our story to capture our audience.

What do families want to see in the photographs or videos for such a hotel? What will get them really excited to choose that hotel?

This is just the surface and our work goes much deeper. The difference for our services are the team behind the camera and the decades of experience we bring to our work for your success.

Whilst high quality camera gear is now within the budgets of most people and even smart phones can be used, it will always be the person or team behind that lens who have the greatest impact on the success of your media.

We strive to deliver the absolute best from our teams for all of our clients.